I’ve always wanted a blog but could never pinpoint what type of blog I wanted, this isn’t going to be a niche’ blog but just whatever I’m currently into. This is going to be a space where I can freely share ALL the things that encompass my passions and interests.

I don’t like writing “About Me” profiles. It’s just tough to put yourself into one short paragraph and expect readers to actually know much about you.

I’m a New York native living in Vermont for the last 11 years.

Wife to my fishing partner for life and mom to the cutest 2 year old girl.

2 big rescue labs that go everywhere with me.

3 hens and a rooster that I’m constantly trying to tame.

I have my own social media marketing business, Luna Knows LLC.

I’m a female angler that loves being on the boat or on the ice. Mostly practicing catch and release, we fish in freshwater targeting walleye and other freshwater species.

I’m a charcuterie and cheese board mastermind.

A self-proclaimed Creed (yes, the band) karaoke expert.

A first generation American-Italian.


PB Walleye caught in Vermont
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