How I reduce my anxiety

This year has been challenging for us all and we’ve had to navigate the toll it’s taken on our mental health with little to no direction, this has never happened before and it’s new territory for everyone. Personally, my anxiety has been high this year and I’ve never had great methods of handling it. I’m learning every day what works for me and these are some tactics that have effectively reduced my anxiety. I’m sharing in hopes that this can help someone else, a lot of the ideas I tried and found were from blogs and recommendations from friends. We’re all in this together.

  1. Get outside. Be small in nature, it feels so refreshing. Hiking and fishing are my favorite ways to be at one with nature. They’re both meditative activities for me and bring out my best mindset.
  2. Cook a comforting meal…or just eat your favorite meal. When you’re feeling down and anxious, gaining an appetite can be tough. Treat yourself to something you know you love. Cooking up one of my favorite comfort food dinners such as chicken pot pie, always makes me feel a little better.
  3. Facetime a friend or family member that makes you happy and supports you. It’s hard to have the same distraction from being out and about with our friends and/or family at this time, but keeping those connections thriving can help you feel as though things are a little more normal.
  4. Get dressed for the day and comb your hair. Do whatever makes you feel your best.
  5. Take 10 deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Put yourself in a happy place in your mind and close your eyes. Be at one with yourself even if just for a few moments.
  6. Yoga or exercise of some kind! Release all of that energy and tension into a positive space, working out releases endorphins that are designed to pick you up and make you feel more relaxed.

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