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It’s funny how I’ve found myself saying things like, “It wasn’t the way we expected” in terms of our elopement because when I imagined marrying Cam, it was always Walker and us. We eloped on our original wedding date, and are so happy we did. Truly, I couldn’t have imagined spending that date doing anything else but marrying my best friend. We had spent 2 years planning our dream day, and it crushed us both to have to postpone. It was for the best, we would never want to make anyone feel unsafe. Our postponed date is 7/31/21, same venue, same vendors. It all worked out better than I expected.

When we first started looking at wedding venues in late 2018, Mountain Top was our first tour. We had received a complimentary overnight stay, and loved everything about it. It came down to cost, and it being pretty pricey for the wedding we wanted to be able to have. Being able to elope there was pure magic. When Cam suggested it. my entire face lit up and I was just so happy he thought of it. I had been on the fence about eloping, I was scared it would take away from the wedding day I had planned all along, and planning an elopement would be last minute. It was last minute! I barely got my dress hemmed on time, had to pick up Walker’s dress at UPS because it was delayed over a week, and there were plenty of hiccups. Mountain Top was amazing, they had an elopement package that helped coordinate the entire day.

3 minute highlight reel – Meg Simone Videography

Cam and I were able to spend the entire day of our wedding together, not traditional but we never have been anyway. We spent the day fishing and caught some walleye, an ideal day in our book. Our ceremony was at 6pm, when the summer sky is winding down and everything is gold. I’m grateful for our videographer because I can’t tell you a single detail of that ceremony, I just had tunnel vision towards Cam. We wrote our own vows, they were raw and emotional and I’m glad our ceremony was so small. It may not come off this way, but I’m a very private person. I don’t share much about my family, background, upbringing, or personal life. Having to read my vows in front of 100 people would riddle me with anxiety.

Elopement Highlight Reel 2

Following our ceremony, we had some ripe family drama on my side, barely ate our dinner, then got to hangout with our dogs (that somehow got left for our ceremony at the rented house), drank with Cams siblings, and finally had to wake up and take care of our 8 month old with hearty headaches. But hey, there’s always 2021. Nothing in 2020 can go perfectly can it?

My advice to anyone that has had their wedding postponed, is to let the feelings come. It absolutely sucks to have to postpone and your bridesmaids/friends should be there to help with what comes next. This entire experience has helped me realize what matters in the planning process and what doesn’t, and I feel so badly for all of the couples that had to postpone. If you recently got engaged, try to be mindful of those that are struggling with years of planning, it sucks to hear people say things like “With all the postponements there are no 2021 dates” because trust me, I wish I wasn’t waiting another year for the day I dreamed of!

The ceremony was everything I could have imagined and more. And now I get to share a last name with the love of my life and our beautiful baby girl. I cannot wait to celebrate with all of our loved ones that have experienced our relationship from the start next summer. And it was kind of sweet having the chance to have 2 wedding dresses. #TetraultTrio And I’d like to thank our videographer Meg Simone for creating these reels I can share endlessly. Photos to come soon!

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